Implicit Animation Game

Implicit Animation Game

NOTE: The sample code has been updated to support null safety and there may be some differences between the code and the video.

This is the start of our journey into animations. We will start fast, by demonstrating just how easy it is to do animations in Flutter using built-in Implicit Animations.

This video is only demonstrating how easy it is to do some transitions in Flutter. Check it out, and then scroll to the bottom of the page to play with the code yourself using the interactive DartPad. If you don't understand everything, that is okay, the rest of the section is dedicated to the basics and understanding implicit animations.


Play around with the code and run it in real time using the interactive DartPad.

See if you can change the code so that the time increases after every successful box tap. Rewarding players for clicking the box by extending their time to play.

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